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About Go Green SWAT Team

Go Green SWAT Team was formed to bridge a major gap.  We found that many offices/homes want to go green and do what they can to be environmentally friendly, however, they do not know where to start and they need help from a professional to assist them with the best ways to go about it.

Many people ask us "What exactly is an Eco-Consultant, and what do they do?"  An Eco-Consultant can mean many different things to different people.  Go Green SWAT Team Eco-Consultants help businesses and homes GO GREEN!  We come out to your home or office and do a full inspection from top to bottom and help with ways that can improve your current "green" situation.  Most of all the recommendations can be easily implemented and do not require any sort of handyman to be involved.

We have spent years developing systems that will help both businesses and homes transform into a eco-friendly place.  We are based out of beautiful Newport Beach, CA and work with local businesses and homes in all of California.

Pro Bono Green Consulting

Go Green SWAT Team does their part in the community as well.  We do a total of 10% work Pro Bono for local business and homes.  For more information on how to apply for this, please contact our corporate office.



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