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Donation/Charity Program

Go Green SWAT Team is a strong believer of giving back to the community and the world in which we live.  With so much planet earth offers us, it only makes sense to help preserve it the best we can.  In addition to helping several businesses, offices, and home "go green"; the Go Green SWAT Team will donate AT LEAST 25% of their TOTAL net income to various charities and non-profits around the world.  These charities will chiefly exist to preserve the planet and make this world a better place to live.

If you know of a charitable organization that you feel would be a good match for our program, feel free to suggest it to us.  We are always looking for new and exciting ways on how we can give back to the community and the wonderful planet earth!

Eco-Friendly & Reusable Shopping Bags!

Paper or Plastic?.. NEITHER!

Please help Support the Give-A-Bag Program.
Go Green SWAT Team is giving out FREE eco-friendly grocery bags in hopes to help STOP the use of plastic/paper bags in grocery stores. 

Please help support this program by donating (any amount) so we can continue giving out FREE reusable grocery bags! The more donations we get.. the more we will give away!  100% of the donation will be used for this program!







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